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SharePoint migration

Actualizado: 18 mar 2021

sharepoint Online

Nine years ago, in 2011, we decided to migrate our mailboxes to the Microsoft cloud. By then, Office 365 did not exist. It was called BPOS (Business Productivity Online Standard) and everybody was saying to us, "You are crazy! Do you trust Microsoft cloud?", but we kept on going.


A few years later, in 2015, we decided to migrate our SharePoint and Project environments to the cloud using the SaaS options provided by Microsoft. By then, some people keep on saying to us "You are crazy! We will never migrate. We do not trust Microsoft cloud!". We felt like the Big Bang Theory team, but we kept on going.

Since then, we have been involved in several Office 365 migration projects and we are proud to say: "we did it and did it right!"

One of our biggest projects was moving 10 TB from SharePoint 2010 to the cloud with 25.000 users, different countries, different languages, different farms, adapting custom developments to the new SPFx architecture and everything should be done in one year. Several teams where involved in the project. While other teams fail to do their job, we kept on going and lead the migration effort alone. After one year, we finished our job and our customer was ready to use Microsoft Office 365 solutions.

If you want to know more about how to migrate successfully to Office 365, contact us at

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