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Project for the web vs Project online

Actualizado: 22 mar 2021

project online

Last year, Microsoft launched Project for the web. This new version of Project has a lot of potential but this is not the scope of my post.

What I want to bring up here is, what you should know when you already are working with project online.

I was having a problem working with two versions of Microsoft Project in Office 365 because information was saved in different places:

  • Projects created through Project for the web, were stored in Dynamics365 platform using CDS technology (Type "Project")

  • Projects, created using Project online, were stored in SharePoint platform (Type "PWA Project")

When I went to the Project Center in PWA, I was able to see only those projects with PWA type. If I wish to see the projects created through Project for the web, I had to use Power Apps. This brings a huge problem. Since information is stored in different places, I can not use resource and project data all together and, at the same time, I cannot create different containers for managing projects.

So now I figured out that I have two different type of projects with two different databases, how do I manage to set up which type of projects I want my users to work with?

Office 365 administration area allows me to define which type of projects I want to provide to my users.

1. In the Office 365 administration area, click on "Settings" and expand the tree below. You will see "Settings". Click and you will see in the center of your screen, under the "Services" tag, the Project service with the following text: "Turn on or off ‎Project‎ features"


2. Click on Project and you should see a screen where you can turn on or off the new features of Project for the web.

If the feature for Project for the web is on, you will be able to work with Project online and Project for the web.

Microsoft project online

If the feature is off, you will be able to work only with PWA projects.

So now you know there are two types of projects in Microsoft Project Office 365, with two different databases, it is the time for you to decide. Good luck!

I want to thank Ian White for his post talking about the new architecture and some other issues from Microsoft Project .

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