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PPM, PowerBI, ServiceNow and TEAMS: bring them together

Actualizado: 22 mar 2021

As we all know, Microsoft PPM or Project online allows you to track all your projects, how and where your resources are assigned. You could use also PPM to track your work orders through tasks but as today, several organizations are using ServiceNow as their work order center/ticketing platform.

When you want to report your progress and related it to your work orders, you can connect both platforms using PowerBI and share the reports, instead of using emails, using TEAMS.

We have been able to extract the information from our Office 365 tenant and link it with the data provided by ServiceNow (the source data could be excel or custom data pack cotents using OData). Once we have al the information together, we just need to create your PowerBi report.

When you create PowerBI reports you can build them as the old fashion typical report where you just see and read, or you can convert your PowerBI report into a web application where the user navigates and get the data they are looking for.

Now, it is time to share your reports. But… using emails? Everyday we receive lots of emails and we just get to the data. Microsoft TEAMS is able to provide you this new landscape: no more emails, track the Info as conversations and use the power of PowerBI to share the information in your channel. Keep security active so no unauthorized access will take place.

What we found as the greatest deal of this connection between PPM, ServiceNow, PowerBI and TEAMS, is that you can merge different information from different sources (different Office 365 tenants) with different levels of security into one single dashboard in TEAMS.

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